Cannabis Cultivation

If there is one thing that everyone at Midcoast Medicinals, Hidden River Farm and Bushels and More Farm, love to do, it would be growing things in the dirt.

Avid gardeners for years, the management and family have recently taken advantage of what we believe will be the revitalization of Maine agriculture, Cannabis legalization.

The joy that comes from growing food for people is an incredible feeling in itself, but when you have the opportunity to grow medicine for people, who rely on you at times to even function day to day, goes without words.

We have always said that "We are farmers first, who happen to grow cannabis as well." As more time passes we realize that what we are providing for people is comfort, healing, pain-free days, restful nights, a healthy appetite.

Somewhere along the way what we used to say in a low tone, (Cannabis Growers) has become a vital and proud part of our identity. Our patients bring us so much joy on a daily basis and so many people appreciate and rely on what we grow that it's often hard to beat that feeling selling vegetables.





Patient Education and Resources

We are constantly learning and growing in this new and evolving industry.

We offer patient education and resources, but more often than not it is the patients, who educate us.

Unlike traditional western medicine with cookie cutter pharmaceuticals that carry a huge list of side effects, Cannabis is a safe and effective medicine that can be experimented with safely and new recipes and concentrates and applications sprout up almost daily.

Being a hub of resources for patients to share what works for them with other patients, is what makes the medicine we grow and this industry so rewarding.

Tinctures, Edibles and Salves

Midcoast Medicinals at Hidden River Farm, is committed to creating the very best cannabis infused products, sourced from the most natural and healthy ingredients we can find.

Non-toxic, Non-GMO, Organic, and farm fresh, (you can actually eat our skin creams and salves) made with a 100 percent pure coconut oil.

All the buzz words in what has become to be known as the "green movement",  like farm fresh, organic, free range, all natural, responsibly grown, etc. are all meaningless unless you can actually meet and know the people who grow your food and medicine and trust that they are doing the very best to abide by those practices.

There are no secrets here at Midcoast Medicinals, we will tell you what's in our products, we will tell you how we make our products, if time warrants we will show you where we made your product.

We want you to believe and know without a doubt, that what you are giving us your hard earned money for, is exactly what you are getting.



Organic Cannabis Butter

We make all of our cannabis butter out of high-quality cannabis trim.

You can see this in the canna-butter kits we sell, our trim is full of THC crystals and small buds.

Many providers use just sugar trim and even stems and leaves, leaving a weak butter, rich in green color, but thats about it.

Our butter or butter kits will help you create powerful, high quality medicine in whatever you choose to create.



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