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Dowse Memorial Garden is located on Hidden River Farm and a vital part of our business. it is the belief of owners and management that a charitable component of any for-profit venture is essential for its success. Not necessarily the success of a business model in a traditional business world, but in the realm of cosmic righteousness and universal karma.

Dowse Memorial Garden is Hidden River Farm's first generation's continuation of an agricultural dynasty that is in its infancy. None of this would be possible had Mr. Dowse, a Bowdoin College Alumnus, not purchased the farm in order to leave to his daughter, and his daughter to continue that dynasty with the passing of the farm to the next generation.

Mr. Dowse was an avid giver to the Boston area food banks, and it is only fitting that we continue a like-minded philanthropic cause here at Midcoast Medicinals and Hidden River Farm.

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One of the largest greenhouses and gardens centers in our area has taken the first step in assisting with this endeavor.

Skillins Greenhouses donate all the edible seedlings and starters that don't sell at the end of their planting season to the memorial garden, which in turn finishes out the plants, once destined for the compost pile, into delicious fruits and veggies to be donated to area food banks and churches.