Who can become a Maine Medical Marijuana Patient?

Maine has very specific quidelines as to who can become a patient, section three and four of the MMMP rules can be found here: Rules

Please call 207-749-GROW if you have questions.

What if I don't have a Maine Medical Marijuana Card, is there anything available for me?

We have a traditional farm store on location at the farm that has an excellent assortment of CBD products available to adults who do not possess a medical card.

See our CBD section of the website to learn more about these amazing products.

I thought recreational was legal in Maine?

Although the state has decriminalized cannabis and all adults over 21 can use and possess cannabis, actual regulations, licensing and rules governing the sale of cannabis have not been enacted.

Therefore we cannot sell to anyone who does not have a medical card, or risk losing our license to be care providers to our valued medical patients.

We will not deliver, circumvent, recommend or even discuss the option of providing cannabis to anyone without a MMMP card.